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About JKC Custom Furniture

Woodworking runs in my family. My great great grandfather was a ships carpenter who went all over the world and taught my grandfather. My grandfather first got me interested in wood working when I was a young boy. Like my grandfather, I took the long way around to get here. I started my adult life graduating from Maryville College with a BA in the Liberal Arts and from the University of Tennessee with a BS in Electrical Engineering. As an engineer, I worked for DOD on Nuclear Submarines in Charleston, SC (Code 243.2, Field Design), for the University of Tennessee (TANDEC) doing textile research, for ORNL in Oak Ridge, TN (Laser Spectroscopy and Micoinstrumentation Group) doing LABVIEW, HTML, graphics, machine programming plus being Mr. fixit and lastly doing HMI/PLC programming for SNE Systems in Louisville KY where I worked on the largest automation project in the world, Worldgate, the flagship UPS facility.

After all that I decided to do something I love rather then for money and opened my shop in 2004 under the name Creative Carpentry and Furniture. I changed the name to JKC Custom Furniture in 2013 to mark my reopening after being in the Cayman Islands for the last year or so. I am married to KC William-Cockfield and live in South Knoxville with our dogs. I played football and lacrosse in college. I like hiking in the mountains and riding my bike anywhere.

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